Spring Picnic

My experience working with clay has often felt like an indulgence - the physical and creative fulfillment I get from making pottery makes me wonder sometimes how lucky I am to have found this line of work. The freedom to create, throwing on the wheel and playing with fire are some of the highlights for sure - but in this case I am referring to the pleasure of using pottery with friends, and taking pictures of pots in beautiful places.

Picnic in the orchard

One cold afternoon this past winter, Courtney (one of the Folk Art Guild farmers) and I decided to dedicate a few hours to a photo shoot for our online store. We carried a old wooden dining table out into the vineyard (in the snow!) and set up pottery as if we were going to feast right there. Far from wanting to sit there and enjoy our beautiful arrangements, our fingers were growing numb as we tried to make sure we were getting enough photos of each piece.

Now it is the end of April, and Spring has finally arrived in upstate New York. We decided to set up another photo shoot, and simultaneously enjoy a picnic in the sunshine. I learn over and over how when you put minds together, beautiful things can happen. And that idea is something so fundamental to living and working in a community like the Guild. Thank you, Courtney, for the chance to collaborate on this project! You can learn more about Guild agricultural initiatives, and read her Farmstyle Blog on the East Hill CSA website. You can also buy seasonal shares of eggs, bread, and veggies there.

Two Potters and a Farmer

Some of the essential ingredients for our picnic pottery shoot were the multicolored eggs from our new flock of hens (who are finally laying en masse!), Gabe's fresh baked organic sourdough bread (and his banjo music!), Courtney's beautiful layer cake with mint vanilla frosting, spring flowers, and a delicious selection of bagel sandwich toppings.

Multicolored pullet eggs from our newest flock of hens

Friends, music, and good food are without a doubt some of the sweetest things in life, and pottery can bring all of these together. I am hoping that these images will show people the power of handmade pottery to gather people everyday, making daily experiences that much more special.

Crackle Teapot in spring flowers

Banjo pickin

Courtney cuts the cake!

Bread and Flowers

Thanks for reading! You can see more of the photos from this shoot (and buy some of the pots) at the Folk Art Guild Etsy Store