Pottery for Kristin and Sam!

Welcome friends and family of Kristin's and Sam's! As a long time fellow yogi and friend of Kristin's, I am so honored that the couple has asked me to make this pottery, and look forward to them being used in their kitchen and home for the rest of their lives. 

All of this work is made out of resilient stoneware, thrown on the wheel, hand decorated, and high fired. These pieces are food-safe, microwave-safe, and dishwasher-safe, and made for everyday use!

To place your order, email me at nicole.hummel@gmail.com or call me at (818) 917-2707. 

Plates 2.jpg

Dinner Plate Set

Set of 12 Dinner Plates, hand thrown on the wheel, decorated, and high fired. Made out of resilient stoneware. 

Dinner Plates $32 each

*8 Still Available*

Plates 1a.jpg

Dessert Plate Set

Set of 12 dessert plates, hand thrown, decorated, and high fired. Made out of resilient stoneware.

Dessert Plates $24 each

*8 Still Available*

Teaset 2.jpg

Teapot with matching Mr. and Mrs. Cups

Kristin and Sam love drinking tea! Gift them a beautiful handmade teapot with matching his and her cups! Thrown on the wheel and decorated by hand, made out of stoneware.

Tea Set for $140 


Platter 1.JPG


Large platter for serving. Hand thrown and decorated, high fired. Made for service, but also beautiful as a decoration, and can be hung on the wall!

1 Large Platter $85

*Still Available*

Nesting Bowls 2.JPG

Nesting Bowl Set

A set of 5 hand-thrown and decorated bowls that nest inside of each other. The big one will be for mixing bread dough, and the others for salads, serving, and more!

Extra Large Bowl for $65

Large bowl for $55

Medium bowl for $45

Small Bowl for $35

Extra Small Bowl for $25

*Still Available*